Developing Powerful Business Cases

Live Online Training (Eastern Standard Time zone) - Boston, MA, USA

 2 Days

 14 PDUs

This 2-day practical workshop training in developing powerful business cases will go over the process of how a business case is developed, explaining how to analyze benefits and costs, and put together each and every component that goes into the document.

A business case is a justification for a business project. It requests funding for a project internally from an organization’s financial decision-makers or externally from investors.

A business case compares the costs of a project with the benefits that it provides. It must show that the benefits outweigh the costs. In many instances, it must include a financial analysis that calculates the project’s return on investment (ROI).

Although financial information is important, a business case is more than a financial justification for a project. It is a business justification. The business case should show that the project will help the organization meet its goals. In this workshop, we will also be expanding on the key terms and concepts that commonly appear in business cases so that delegates understand and appreciate the value of such information. Finally, we will go over the process of compiling and preparing a convincing presentation so that we can be sure that the business case will be approved. This is a workshop-based course that will allow delegates to apply what they learn immediately in the class by working in groups to develop and present a powerful business case of their choice. Participation will be required. Students are welcome to bring with them a sample business case that they will like to work on as their case study.

Course Objectives

This Developing Powerful Business Cases course will:

Teach delegates how to analyze the objectives of the business case and link it to the goals of their stakeholders

Guide delegates on how to develop a winning business case that has all the right components.

Enhance the delegates’ presentation skills by giving them the opportunity to present their sample business case in front of a live class audience.

Course Format

The business case training course in Boston, MA, USA is presented as PowerPoint presentations via Zoom or MS Teams which is explained by the instructor while keeping students engaged. Illustrations, whiteboards, and other tools will be used to demonstrate the key points..

Who Should Attend This Course?

This course is an excellent learning and practice opportunity for Project managers, program managers, business analysts, operations managers, managing directors, CEO’s, CIO’s, department heads, product managers, customer relationship managers, sales executives and managers, and anyone who is tasked with preparing business cases and feasibility studies.

Course Outline


Introduction to Business Cases

  • What is a Business Case?
  • Why develop a Business Case and when is it developed?
  • Who prepares the Business Case?
  • Organizational impacts on Business Cases.
  • Group Formation & Case Study selection

Phase 1: Assess Needs

  • Goals of the Business Case
  • Identifying your audience?
  • Group Workshop

Phase 2: Define the Business Opportunity

  • Definition of the opportunity
  • Scope and objectives of the opportunity
  • Realization & expected outcome(s)
  • Review the opportunity
  • Group Workshop

Phase 3: Plan the Work Effort

  • Team Selection
  • Stakeholder Identification
  • Schedule the work
  • Assign Responsibilities and Tasks
  • Group Workshop

Phase 4: Investigate Alternatives

  • Alternatives
  • Benefits
  • Costs
  • Assumptions
  • Constraints
  • Market Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Organizational Considerations
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Group Workshop

Phase 5: Evaluate Alternatives

  • Financial Analysis
  • ROI, Payback Period, NPV, IRR
  • Selection of best option
  • Group Workshop

Phase 6: Define the Project

  • Project Description
  • Major components, scope, boundaries, expected changes
  • Implementation Plan
  • Tasks, milestones
  • Group Workshop

Phase 7: Prepare the Report

  • Responsibility
  • Length
  • Content
  • Format
  • Illustrations
  • Recommendations
  • Executive Summary
  • Group Workshop

Phase 8: Review, Revise & Present the Business Case

  • Review & Revise
  • Group Presentations
  • Audience Feedback

Certificate of Completion

At the completion of this training program, attendees will each be awarded a PMI Endorsed Certificate worth 14 Professional Development Units (PDU’s), as well as an IIBA endorsed certificate for 14 Continuing Development Units (CDU’s).

These PDU’s and CDU’s can be used to maintain your PMI and IIBA earned credentials.

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