Fundamentals of Business Analysis Training

Live Online Training (Eastern Standard Time zone) - Boston, MA, USA

 2 Days

 14 PDUs

Business Analysis Crash CourseThis Business Analysis Fundamentals training course teaches the essential skills that a business analyst needs to know. It covers the BA concepts, tools, techniques and methods applied in Business Analysis to develop the right solutions per the customer’s requirements.

In today’s complex project environment, it has been proven over and over that accurately understanding the client’s requirements can make the difference between success and failure. Clients who feel that you can understand their needs and requirements are more likely to award you the contract or project. Project managers who can solicit the correct requirements and details are more likely to make it to the project’s finish line.

This course can also be a stepping stool to prepare the attendee to sit for Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) certification exam offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), based out of Toronto, Canada.

Course Objectives

This Course will:

Teach delegates about business analysis in details so they can apply it in their own work.

Provide an opportunity to understand the scope of a business analyst’s duties – useful for senior managers.

Understand the roles a Business Analyst can play and the tasks they perform.

Describe how business analysis can contribute to the organization and  responsibilities of BA

Course Format

The Business Analysis Fundamentals training course in Boston, MA, USA is presented as PowerPoint presentations via Zoom or MS Teams which is explained by the instructor while keeping students engaged. Illustrations, whiteboards, and other tools will be used to demonstrate the key points.

What is Business Analysis?

Business analysis is the discipline of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. Solutions often include a systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement, organizational change, or strategic planning and policy development. The person who carries out this task is called a business analyst or BA.

Those BA’s who work solely on developing software systems may be called IT Business Analysts, Technical Business Analysts, Online Business Analysts or Systems Analysts.

As a discipline, Business Analysis has a heavy overlap with requirements analysis, sometimes also called requirements engineering, but focuses on identifying the changes to an organization that are required for it to achieve strategic goals. These changes include changes to strategies, structures, policies, processes, and information systems.

Business Analysis Fundamentals Course Outline


Introduction & Business Analysis Key Concepts

  • What is Business Analysis?
  • Role of the Business Analyst?
  • What is the Requirement?
  • The 4 Types of Requirements
  • Who & What are Stakeholders?

Elicitation and Collaboration

  • What is Requirement Elicitation (gathering)?
  • How to Prepare for Elicitation
  • Conducting Elicitation using a Variety of Techniques
  • Confirming Elicitation Results

Analyzing Requirements and Designing a Solution

  • Specifying and Modeling Requirements using a variety of techniques
  • Verifying & Validating Requirements
  • Defining Requirements Architecture & Design Options
  • Analyzing Potential Value and the Recommend Solution

Managing Requirements

  • Tracing Requirements
  • Prioritizing Requirements
  • Assessing Requirements Changes
  • Approving Requirements

Course Wrap Up

Here, we go over the course key points reminding students about the overall BA life cycle and how they can approach similar initiatives within their jobs.

Certificate of Completion

At the completion of this training program, each attendee will each be awarded an IIBA endorsed Certificate of Attendance for 14 CDU’s and a PMI Endorsed Certificate worth 14 Professional Development Units (PDU’s), which can be used towards the hours needed for renewing PMI credentials.

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