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Our expertise lies in Project Management, Business Analysis, Leadership Development & Management, Quality Management, and Soft Skills offering exceptional experience with renowned industry experts and thought leaders.

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Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep

Jul 19 – 22, 2021

Live Online Session

8 am – 4 pm (EST)

Program Management Professional (PgMP)

Jul 26 – 29, 2021

Live Online Session

8 am – 3 pm (EST)

Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)

Jul 19 – 21, 2021

Live Online Session

8 am – 3 pm (EST)

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)

Aug 2 – 5, 2021

Live Online Session

8 am – 3 pm (EST)


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PgMP Exam Prep Course

Project Management

PfMP Exam Prep Coruse

Project Management

Leadership Development Workshop

Leadership Development

Project Management Professional (PMP)®

Attend our Project Management Professional PMP® training and be on your way to sit and pass the PMP® certification exam from PMI. The PMP® signifies that you speak and understand the global language of project management and connects you to a community of professionals, organizations, and experts worldwide. Become a PMP® and become a project hero by attending our PMP® Training.

You can find PMP’s leading projects in nearly every country and, unlike other certifications that focus on a particular geography or domain, the PMP® training is truly global. As a Project Management Professional (PMP)®, you can work in virtually any industry, with any methodology, and in any location.

PMP® certification has significant importance in one’s career path when coming to the salary perspective, those who are PMP® certified get at least 20% more salary than others. Getting the PMP® Certification is the first step towards a successful career path. Read More

Program Management Professional (PgMP)®

PgMP® Program Management Professional® Certification Exam Prep training course and be ready to sit and pass the Project Management Institute’s Program Management Professional (PgMP)® exam. The PgMP® credential recognizes the advanced experience and skill of program managers and demonstrates proven competency to oversee multiple, related projects and their resources to achieve strategic business goals.

PMI-PgMP® credential holders typically are responsible for the success of a program and the grouping of related projects together to realize benefits not available if these projects were managed separately. It is the perfect fit for those who define projects, assign project managers and oversee programs within their role. Read More

Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)®

Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)® exam prep course and be on your way to sit and pass the PfMP® certification exam from PMI. The PfMP® certificate signifies your advanced competency in the coordinated management of one or more portfolios to achieve strategic objectives. As a PfMP®, you’ll be recognized for your pivotal role in the realization of strategy and seen as an authority who can improve portfolio management maturity at your organization.

Your organization does the work right. But does it do the right work? As a portfolio manager, your role is essential to ensuring that the answer is “Yes.” Read More

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®)

This IIBA endorsed CBAP/CCBA certification training course prepares a business analyst to become a Certified Business Analysis Professional or earn the Certified Competency in Business Analysis credential. We provide the best training programs and assist you with the CBAP application process, and equip you with lots of sample exam test questions so you can prepare for the CBAP certification and become a certified business analyst.

Are you currently in the role of a Business Analyst or System Analyst in your organization? Maybe you are a business systems analyst or business process analyst? Are you specialized in software? IT? SAP? ERP? Regardless of your designation, you might be looking for the best business analysis certification training course to help improve your career. You may be wondering what are the best business analysis certifications or credentials for business analysts, or how to get the business analyst certification. You also may be wondering if a business analyst certification is worth it. Read More


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